1. Melodie Rakes

    I am very interested in the veil light but apprehensive about purchasing.
    Are there any doctors in Marrero, LA where I could get further information

    • Hi Melodie,

      Thank you for your question.

      I live in NZ and I don’t know of any doctors in your area. However, you could contact the North American Association for Photobiomodulation Therapy in New York state (http://www.naalt.org). They may know about doctors in your area or give professional advice about the Vielights.

      Remember to choose the Vielight device appropriate to your needs: the 633nm (or 655nm option for those outside the US) for systemic benefits to red blood cells, oxygenation and mitochondrial function, or the 810nm for neurological healing, calming and improving mental acuity and cognition.

      There are also the transcranial devices for enhanced neural wellness and mental clarity (Vielight Neuro Alpha); and improved cognition and memory enhancement (Vielight Neuro Gamma). I haven’t used these two though, so I don’t have personal experience with them, but it sounds like they could be quite effective.

      Best wishes!


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