1. Masterel

    Hi there,
    Thank you for your review.
    I wander if the Kasina will response to Lambda & Epsilon frequency as well as the 4 others we are familiar with?

    • Hello and thank you for your comment.

      That is a great question and it applies to brainwave entrainment (BWE) in general, not just specifically to the Kasina. To be honest I haven’t tried any BWE tracks for those extreme high and low ends of the brainwave frequency spectrum, so I don’t have personal experience of their effectiveness. However, I would certainly like to experiment with them.

      As you probably know, these frequencies are thought to be associated with the deepest, most transcendent states of meditation, intuition and self-awareness. It appears that the high frequency lambda waves (approx. 200 Hz) are carried on the very low frequency epsilon waves (<0.5 Hz). However, using BWE to directly produce these states may not be the best approach. There are a couple of reasons for this.

      Firstly, binaural beats are most effective in the alpha range and below (< 12.5 Hz), since they function by the brain attempting to reconcile two slightly different frequencies in each ear. When the frequencies in each ear differ by more than about 10-20 Hz, the brain simply perceives them as different pitches, so there is little or no BWE effect. Therefore, binaural beats cannot be used to stimulate hyper-gamma or lambda waves (100 - 200 Hz range), and are hardly effective even for beta waves. The threshold frequency interval where different pitches are perceived rather than inducing brainwaves depends also on the carrier frequency of the binaural beats. The higher the carrier frequency, the greater the beat frequency can be before the sounds are perceived as different pitches or notes. An optimal carrier frequency is around 440Hz, with the binaural beats becoming less detectable at higher carrier frequencies and finally imperceptible at 1000 Hz or above. Using binaural beats to stimulate epsilon waves is theoretically possible, though I guess I could take quite a lot of practice to actually get down to this level. This is outside my realm of experience.Secondly, although isochronic and monoaural beats can be used for BWE in the beta and gamma range, these frequencies can cause stress and anxiety in many people and shouldn’t be maintained for long in a session. Most people can consciously detect light flicker up to a maximum of around 60 Hz for bright light (called the flicker fusion threshold, above which the light appears constant), but the brain can still be affected by these frequencies. There are reports of high speed fluorescent light flicker (100-120 Hz produced using magnetic instead of electronic ballasts) causing headaches, eyestrain and stress. Most people perform better under lighting with flicker rates in the 20-60 Hz range.From what I could find on the forum, the Kasina lights are capped at 65 Hz in KBS mode, but could go over 1200 Hz in AudioStrobe (but this is for the Procyon tested in 2011). So it does seem like it is possible to produce lambda light flicker frequencies in AudioStrobe mode (and probably also SpectraStrobe, but not KBS) on the Kasina, and while they would appear constant to the eyes, the brain could still be affected by them. Isochronic or monoaural beats at these high frequencies make an irritating whine. Most gamma sessions are towards the lower end of gamma at 40Hz.Finally, going to very low or high frequencies too fast can potentially cause unwanted side-effects like emotional upheaval, feeling spaced-out, fatigue, paranoia, anxiety and feeling stuck in unfamiliar altered states of consciousness. So be careful and take things slowly, especially for those who are new to BWE and/or meditation.In summary, I don’t have enough experience at this stage to say definitively whether lambda and epsilon BWE is effective or recommended. However, in general it is recommended to get accustomed first with alpha and gradually go down into theta. Sessions of theta interspersed with alpha are good for facilitating deep meditation with awareness. Perhaps it is safer and more effective to practice at this level and allow the epsilon / lambda state to arise naturally? Just my speculation.This is certainly a topic that I would like to investigate and experiment with further – I wish I could be more helpful. I would also welcome any comments or reports of experience anyone has had.Best wishes,Tim

  2. Michael


    Thank you for this review!

    In your experience, does the Kasina have the same effect as the Ajna Light does? Is it just as powerful?

    I’ve tried the PandoraStar, which, from what I hear, is very similar to the Ajna, however it is just too insanely expensive to buy for personal use. The effects were powerful, however, as I saw a kaleidoscope or colors and went into a deeply meditative state.

    • Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your comment and your question and sorry for the delay in replying. I have been in the Amazon rainforest for the last three weeks and just came back to civilization yesterday.

      In my personal experience, the Ajna light was quite a bit more powerful than the Kasina, but then so is the price! The Kasina still works very well, and some people find it works better for them than others. However, whereas the Ajna light requires very little effort to reach a deep meditative state, I find the Kasina is a great tool to bring you into deeper meditative states faster, but you still need to get the ball rolling by practicing meditation.

      Also, it is worth playing around with different Kasina sessions and varying the brightness to find what works best for you. I find some sessions quite effective and other ones not so much.

      From what I was reading a while back it sounds like the PandoraStar is even more powerful than the Ajna, but as you said, it is insanely expensive.

      I hope that makes some sense and helps a bit. Let me know if you have more questions or want further clarification.

      Best Regards,


  3. I agree. My bundle came recently with both glasses. I use the deepvision in the weekend and find the standard more handy on an everyday basis and travelling. It is a marvellous machine, but unfortunately most people I have demomstrated it to, get somehow annoyed with the blinking light, though I explain that it is the most important part of the entrainment, and can be beautiful if they relax with it and try to appreciate the therapy. Not like some pleasing television movie.

    • Hi Joergen, Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you are enjoying your Kasina. It is true that it doesn’t seem to work for everyone, but I think with some relaxation, practice and letting go of expectations it can work for most people. In these modern times people are used to all sorts of sensational entertainment and instant gratification, so it can be difficult to settle down to experience the subtler effects of brainwave entrainment. Perhaps a good indicator of whether a Kasina will work for someone is to try out some binaural beats and isochronic tones tracks on YouTube for a few days or weeks. If results are felt from those, then there is a good chance that more powerful results will be achieved from sessions with the Kasina.

  4. Steve Fox

    This appears to be a good review, but I have to take issue with the comment at the bottom that says you save $50 by buying the bundle with theDeepVision goggles. The difference in price between the regular goggles and the DeepVision goggles is $50. Since theyremove the regular goggles from the bundle and add the DeepVision goggles, the price increase is $50.
    It’s not a savings, it’s a difference in cost.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for reading and for your comment. Actually, they still do include the regular goggles in the bundle so you get both goggles. At least, when I purchased mine a couple of years back they did. If you have purchased the bundle and only received the DeepVision goggles let me know and I will contact them, or let them know as they probably left the regular ones out by mistake.

      I still use my mind machine all the time and I do prefer the DeepVision goggles most of the time. Sometimes it’s nice to use the regular ones too just for a change though.

      Best wishes,

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