Twenty Steps to Healing and Well-Being

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What to do if you have cancer or any chronic illness. In fact, what everyone should do for optimum healing and well-being! For most people it is shocking, frightening and bewildering to receive a cancer diagnosis. While many people still … Continued

The 20 Best Spiritual Books Of All Time — Food For The Soul

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It’s quite a big claim to say that here are the 20 Best Spiritual Books Of All Time. There are so many wonderful spiritual books, and there are even more not-so-good New Age “remixes”of ancient, timeless wisdom. Perhaps, I should … Continued

Natural Remedies for Cancer — Top Recommended Supplements

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Finding natural remedies for cancer, the top recommended supplements to take and what to avoid when you have cancer or any chronic illness can be a very confusing and time-consuming task. The supplement business is a multi-billion dollar industry and … Continued

Vielight Intranasal Light Therapy — Photobiomodulation Device Review

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Vielight Intranasal Light Therapy is a simple, safe and effective way to improve your general wellness with just 25 minutes of use each day. The small light clips on your nose and illuminates the dense network of capillaries inside the … Continued

MindPlace Kasina Review — Best Affordable Mind Machine

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Product: Kasina MindPlace Review Price: US$349 (or US$399 with the extra DeepVision glasses included) Where to Buy: Number of LEDs: 6 LEDs per eye (1 Red, 2 Green, 3 Blue) Encoded Audio types: SpectraStrobe, AudioStrobe, ColorOrgan Guarantee: 2 Year … Continued