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Self-Healing and Well-Being covers the essentials needed to unlock your miraculous in-built self-healing potential. First, I will focus on some of the most important and often overlooked elements of healing — the power of meditation, visualization and emotional healing.

Fortunately, more and more people, including some medical professionals, are beginning to realise the power of the mind, emotions, meditation and visualization in the healing process. In fact, medical drug trials must always control for the placebo effect, which is often as effective as or better than the drug itself, yet the placebo effect is rarely harnessed by doctors.

However, most people still turn to medication, supplements or diets alone for healing. While some of these things can help (though most pharmaceutical drugs just relieve symptoms rather than healing any chronic condition), if the subconscious mind is not on-board with the healing, it can be very difficult if not impossible to heal.

So the mind-body connection is the essential secret ingredient of true healing, but the physical aspects and lifestyle changes that facilitate healing are also an important component, which I will cover on this site.

First, I recommend that you read my core article, which summarises everything that you should consider for an integrated, balanced approach to healing from a chronic illness like cancer and indeed for maintaining good health and preventing disease. Don’t feel that you have to take on every suggestion at once or let that cause more stress, but gently introduce the changes according to your capacity and in an order that feels right to you.

You can read my core article that summarizes all the steps needed for a complete holistic self-healing lifestyle program here:

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Twenty Steps to Healing and Well-Being

To make it easier for you to negotiate the confusing and often conflicting information out there, I have put together a summary of what to do if you have cancer or some other chronic illness. Most of this also applies if you want to prevent cancer or you just want to have optimal health.

The pages found under the main menu and sub-menus provide an easy reference summary of all the aspects of self-healing introduced in the core article. Here you can find the essential information you need without having to go searching and sorting through endless webpages.

Posts on more specific sub-topics are on the ‘Articles’ page. In addition, you can read my reviews and recommendations of products and books under ‘Reviews’ in the main menu.
I understand how confusing and time-consuming it is to find the best information we need for healing so my goal is to make that process simpler for you. I have been through the cancer journey myself and although I thought I was pretty healthy before, I actually needed to make a lot of changes to give myself the best chance of long-term survival.

As many people say, cancer is a great teacher and I have certainly learned and discovered so much about myself and the world through it. We should treat the cancer as a guru and find out what it has to teach, rather than treating it as a mortal enemy to attack and hate.

Some of the topics that I want to cover on this site include:

Later, I will also discuss many other general health topics including:

  • Diet
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Earthing
  • Detoxification
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF)
  • Parasites
  • Functional Medicine / The Human Microbiome
  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)


Thank you for stopping by to visit and I hope that you find some helpful advice in here!